Kaff-eine is one of Australia’s premiere female street and contemporary artists. She paints her distinctive characters on walls around the globe, immersing herself in local communities and sharing their stories on their walls. While painting street murals in Manila shantytowns in 2013, Kaff-eine learned that some of Manila’s most impoverished slum communities lived on Manila’s garbage dumps, scavenging wood to burn for charcoal, picking through the toxic garbage, selling recyclables or creating recycled products from waste.

She was struck by the creativity, resilience, positivity and skill of these communities, who created beautiful objects and valuable resources in the most challenging conditions; she wanted to work with them, to share their strengths, stories and humanity with audiences far from the Manila slums.

Kalabaw is the special prelude to two extraordinary collaborative projects Kaff-eine will soon undertake with Manila’s garbage-picking and charcoal-making communities. For Kalabaw, Kaff-eine has created a collection of powerful portraits combining her signature street-based style with intricate realism, her human and kalabaw characters radiating the same resilience, tenderness and dignity that they do in reality.

All proceeds from the Kalabaw exhibition will support Kaff-eine’s two subsequent collaborative projects with the communities who live from Manila’s garbage.

Opening night this Thursday 22nd Jan, 5 – 6.30pm


Exhibition details
45 Flinders Lane
Melbourne 3000
Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Friday 11am-5pm, Saturday 12pm-4pm
Exhibition enquiries: Emma Mayall, 03 9662 9966, emma@fortyfivedownstairs.com




This summer Signed & Numbered artist Marian Machismo brings you ‘Get Rich or Try Dying’, a coming of age exploration of a non-linear generation, visually characterised by Sub-Cultural Symbolism and Generational Drag.

The Cultural Huckster has returned to Just Another Project Space with a new term she has affectionately coined ‘Generational Drag’.

‘Get Rich or Try Dying’ stands as an exploration of a previously undefined cultural phenomenon, a visualisation of an idea and an account of the fashion and stylisation of a generation undefined by accepted norms.

With puns so sweet you will want to lick the wrapper, references that borderline nostalgia and a flair for performance, this is one show that you will not want to miss.

Join S&N artist Marian Machismo on the Super Sweet 16th of January from 6-9pm


Laura Jordan (Delicate Mayhem) City Scapes

It’s been a while since we’ve had Laura Jordan (AKA Delicate Mayhem) prints in-store but we’re please to say we have just listed a small selection of her works online HERE

Laura Jordan is the creative talent behind Delicate Mayhem. Originally from Haslemere, Surrey, Laura moved to London in 2004 to study Graphic Design at London College of Communication, from which she graduated in 2007. Taking inspiration from the city, Laura began a series of works, primarily influenced by Hackney where she lives. The aim of her city scapes is to capture social, political and architectural movement, and when you look within the aesthetically beautiful pieces some of you will find an often critical, sometimes challenging and usually humorous take on life. She has gone on to have exhibitions all over the world and has created pieces covering cities such as London, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Manchester, Milan and Paris.

As those familiar with Laura’s city scapes know, her prints have to be seen in person to fully appreciate the detail and thought that goes into each little stroke of pen and pencil. Whilst many of the works listed are part of editions of 50 or 100, we have only managed to acquire 1 or 2 of each print in the edition, along with a small number of artist proofs which are only available to view in person at our Greville Street print shop.

To arrange a private viewing please email art@signedandnumbered.com.au or call the print shop on 03 9077 6468









Spring has descended on Signed & Numbered with a bee-tastic window by local stencil artist 23rd Key.



23rd Key was the recent winner of the Stencil Art Prize with her portrait Duality of The Living End’s frontman Chris Cheney (pictured below).


Her new print series –  Bee –  comes in 4 colour variations – yellow, hot pink, mauve and aqua. Each stencil print is created by hand, which means no two are alike.





23rd Key
Bee / $140
Stencil print
390 x 390mm


Me please! Especially if it’s being delivered by a very efficient bunch of alpacas!!! Yes, that’s right, Cat Rabbit’s weird and wonderful imagination has descended on our Degraves Street print shop and brought a whole lot of alpaca and pizza goodness with it.



CR_window_3 CR_window_5


To celebrate we have ‘We Deliver’, a limited edition risograph print available in our city print shop and ONLINE HERE plus a whole lot of Cat Rabbit plushes, gocco prints, hankies and patches!


We Deliver
Risograph Print
Edition of 20
297 x 420mm


Berlin-based artist Twoone is currently in Melbourne. Fresh off his London solo show at StolenSpace he was kind enough to drop by and create a mural in our new Greville Street workshop space.




Twoone has been busy of late, with his second solo show ‘Outsiders’ opening tonight at Backwoods.

Be it through his large-scale wall works, his deftly crafted ceramic busts or his prolific painting practice, TWOONE’s distinctive take on humanity and the animal kingdom is profound. In Outsiders, presented at Backwoods Gallery throughout October, we see half human, half animal portraits on Perspex, backlit by fluorescent lights. With their spherical halos, their sun discs and their triumphant postures, these are creatures to be worshipped, much like deities of ancient civilisations.

With Twoone based in Berlin nowadays, I’m snapping up every opportunity to see his work in person and so should you.

OCT 10 – 19th
Backwoods Gallery
25 Easey Stree

DEIFIK by Apeseven

Signed & Numbered artist Apeseven’s solo show ‘Deifik’ is opening tomorrow night in the Just Another Project Space.

Taking heavily from  recontextualizing natures patterns, DEIFIK  uncovers the divine organic design in skeletal structural systems. Complex biofeedback driven landscapes take form and flight with redevelopment of old structures to provide the frame work for new life.
Opening at the Just Another Project Space – 2A/127 Greville Street, Prahran (entry off Grattan St) on Thursday 2nd October 6-9pm


If Apeseven’s work looks distinctly familiar it may be because you’ve seen his large scale mural in our Degraves Street print shop. Completed shortly after the opening of our second print shop, Apeseven’s heron has been steadily gathering admirers over the past year.  Read more about this amazing mural HERE



A selection of Apeseven limited edition prints are available exclusively through S&N HERE



Marian Machismo’s hotly anticipated ‘Heavy Metal Study’ prints have arrived in-store and online . These mini multi-layered hand-pulled screen prints are truly something special. The colours really POP and viewing them online simply doesn’t do them justice so get your butt down to one of our Melbourne print shops pronto!

Heavy Metal Study / Various / Priced between $50 and $60 each / Editions range from 8 – 12








To celebrate their release we invited Marian to cover our Degraves Street window with her signature cute and quirky illustrations. The display will be up all month so swing by and take a pic.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

You can follow Marian on Instagram – @marianmachismo


Mr. Fox was welcomed into the S&N fold a couple of months ago. His large and colourful abstract works on paper were just the electric starburst missing in our print offering. The latest limited edition prints from this Melbourne artist take on a monochrome palette with hints of copper. Titled Kookoo in Shinjuku #1 and #2, each print is available in 2 sizes. Originally commissioned for Carlene and Michael from The Block for their master bedroom, the remaining prints in the series have now been released exclusively through S&N. Mr Fox prints are available in both our print shops and online HERE