Berlin-based artist Twoone is currently in Melbourne. Fresh off his London solo show at StolenSpace he was kind enough to drop by and create a mural in our new Greville Street workshop space.




Twoone has been busy of late, with his second solo show ‘Outsiders’ opening tonight at Backwoods.

Be it through his large-scale wall works, his deftly crafted ceramic busts or his prolific painting practice, TWOONE’s distinctive take on humanity and the animal kingdom is profound. In Outsiders, presented at Backwoods Gallery throughout October, we see half human, half animal portraits on Perspex, backlit by fluorescent lights. With their spherical halos, their sun discs and their triumphant postures, these are creatures to be worshipped, much like deities of ancient civilisations.

With Twoone based in Berlin nowadays, I’m snapping up every opportunity to see his work in person and so should you.

OCT 10 – 19th
Backwoods Gallery
25 Easey Stree

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